Monday Market Minute for March 9, 2020


Today’s Monday Market Minute is about taking advantage of today’s low interest rates!

If you are looking to purchase this year, I would suggest using that tax refund as a down payment and taking advantage of the low interest rates!

And if you are a current home owner with an interest rate higher than 4%, reach out to me so that I can connect you with one of our preferred loan officers and see if you’re in a position to take advantage of a possible refinance!

Example Savings for Homeowner: A past client of mined purchased a home last April with 4.75% interest rate is taking advantage of the opportunity to refinance with a 3.5% loan, which will save him over $250/month, over $3,000/year and about $92,000 in interest over the life of his loan!

Whether you are looking to buy or you are already a homeowner, today’s interest rates can be something you can take advantage of! Contact me today!