Why You Should Always Use A Buyer’s Agent

Sellers have their own personal representation when selling their home. Here are a few reasons why you should have your own buyer’s agent when purchasing a home.

  • We help locate the right homes. Not all listing appear on sites such as Zillow, and often times, the information is not accurate. After searching the multiple listing service and finding possible homes, we then screen them to make sure they fit your needs/wants and financial criteria.
  • Once you find the home you would like to purchase, we will provide comparable sales data and evaluate the market so that we make the best offer possible for that home.
  • Once you and the seller agree on price and terms and are under contract, we are prepared to negotiate any issues that may arise from the inspection, appraisal on your behalf. Something is bound to occur during the process that will require us to negotiate 
  • Best of all, it is FREE! For $0 you get personal representation and a professional looking out for your best interest while you make what is likely to be the biggest investment, you will ever make.

Make sure to schedule a free consultation if you would like The Chandra Etienne Group to help you find your next home for FREE!